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Working in Context pt. 1

08 Jan 2013

“Hey Maya, how are you?”, said the Publisher Tool
“Oh, hey. It’s allright. Whats up?”, said Maya
“Nothing, just wanted to check some stuff with you if that’s okay”
“What asset is your user working with?”
“Cool, do you also know which variant of that asset?”
“It’s called animationSetup”</p>

“Would you mind making me a burger?”
“Sorry, not in my job description” </div>

“Oh. Okay, thanks!”
Having your application know under which context it is working under can be a real treat sometimes. It allows you to compartmentalize your work and keep things clean while also giving you that feeling that you are within a larger whole, that youre in a team, not only physically and emotionally, but also digitally. The feeling that whatever you do under this “digital umbrella” is somehow recorded and monitored and thus progresses the global status of the project.
In the example conversation above, between a Publisher and Maya, the Publisher asks Maya for information regarding what is about to get published. This relieves the user from having to specify it once for each publish and enables them to instead specify it per-application or perhaps once per several applications. With the application informed, the user may simply hit “Publish”, enter a comment about what has changed, and click “Ok”. Incrementing versions and determining where the physical file eventually ends up on disk is left as implementation details where it belongs.