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Notes on.. A Facebook Wall for Production

24 Aug 2013

Considering how such a feature of tracking ones history could be useful in a production environment.

Of course, it wouldn’t look anything like a the Facebook wall, it would be closer related to a dependency graph interface such as Nuke or Houdini, but the benefits would remain the same.


E.g. Trigger a playblast from Maya
Nodes = (user) -> [maya] -> [send to queue] -> [playblast] -> [relocate] -> [notify user]
1. The middle section could be bundled-up into a compound node for easier illustration.
2. The compound could be exploded to expose inner workings.




  1. User starts working
  2. User launches Maya
  3. User saves work (compound)
  4. User saves work (compound)
  5. User saves work (compound)
  6. User commits playblast (compound)
  7. User returns to old version


The user has metadata, such as phone number
The playblast has options and metadata, such as framerange and ETA
The caching has it too