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Meet the TD – Tim Bowman of OpenSourcePipeline

21 Aug 2013

Connected with Tim, author of OSP, recently and shot some questions his way.

What led you to the initiative of starting OSP?

I had the good fortune to get into VFX at a very small studio which was in the process of building itself up from basically nothing. I started writing scripts for Nuke which made my life easier: the AutoWrite, a dailies system, some bits for making LUTs via Resolve. It was good fun, but it took up a lot of my time.

Then I went freelance and started working around New York City. I’m surprised at how many shops “organize” their work by making a big pile on their shared filesystem and force artists to wade through the mess, trying to figure out who made what, when, and with what scene file?

What is the main problem area you are looking to solve?

**I like the carrot approach instead of the stick, so I hope that OSP can make it easy for artists to maintain consistent naming, version sensibly, and keep things organized.

I’d also like to help production keep abreast of how the work is progressing.

Being an open source project, how do you envision orchestrating the efforts of potential

I have no idea. I guess I’ll solve this one when I get to it. I kinda need some contributors first.

Are you still working on the project?

Is it still very much in my mind? Yes. But you can see for yourself how many commits I’ve been making on GitHub. My life has gotten quite busy in the last few years and I’m not able to devote much time to my (non-paying) pet project.

Also, just how do you abstract a pipeline so that any small studio can use it? There have to be as many ways of working as there are studios. If I make it so configurable that it can be anything for anyone, it will be way too complex for an artist like me to program, let alone for anyone to actually use. None of the small studios that are my target audience have a programmer on staff, but they all have someone around who can hack some Python code and make things work. I’m hoping to keep OSP simple enough so that guy (or girl) can get it installed and have it be useful.

Thanks Tim for letting me pick your brain! To everyone else, if you have any questions for Tim, feel free to put them in the comments below and I’ll arrange for another Q&A to be posted here!


* https://github.com/timbowman/OpenSourcePipeline*